Work Place Violence

Technological advances (allowing employees and employers to be involved 24/7), economic issues (leading to less relative increases in salary) coupled with higher expectations of employers (for greater efficiency and productivity) have increased uncertainty, stress and anxiety in the workplace.  These and other factors contribute to a recent survey that demonstrated that one in every five Americans find their workplace to be hostile or threatening.   Dr. Manevitz was interviewed for a Daily Mail article on workplace hostility.



Interview with WCBS-TV New York: New Study Links Antidepressants and Autism

According to Dr. Manevitz, it is critical to caution currently pregnant women who are on antidepressants who read about this study to not panic and suddenly discontinue their medication.  They could go through withdrawal symptoms that could be a higher risk than continuing on their medicine.  They should consult their obstetrician and psychiatrist before deciding anything. Every pregnancy needs to be considered individually for the risk benefit of treatment. While it is a cause for concern, the rates are still low.