Non-Participating Provider

Dr. Manevitz is a non-participating healthcare provider; that is a physician with no contractual relationship with any insurance company. Thus you will be responsible for your full balance.  Payment is desired at the time of service. As a courtesy, we will file insurance claims on your behalf. Please note that insurance reimbursement can take up to 30-45 days.

Benefits, Limitations and Exclusions

Coverage determinations and payments of claims are subject to all the eligibility, coverage, exclusions, and limitations listed in your contract. We strongly encourage you to verify your out-of-network benefits prior to your initial consultation.

Precertification of Services

Your insurance company may require pre-certification for medical services provided by a non-participating provider. Since Dr. Manevitz has a non-participating status with your insurance company, it is your obligation to obtain and renew the authorization of services.

Pre-certification is when you notify in advance your insurance company of medical services provided by non-participating providers and it is generally required by most policies. Although requirements can vary from policy to policy, the purpose of pre-certification is to determine if a service is medically necessary. Your insurance card may indicate the pre-certification telephone number; otherwise you should call the toll-free number for Customer Service. Please refer to your plan documents for your pre-certification requirements.

Please follow the pre-certification procedure in order to maximize your benefits. Failure to do so may result in denial of benefits.

Schedule an Appointment

Should you consider scheduling an appointment, please call our office at 212-751-5072 between 9 am and 6 pm. A receptionist will help you based on availability.

Insurance related Questions

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call 212-751-5072.