Why TMS Works Well With Medication

While the nature of TMS clinical trials required patients to be off of medications, we have found in actual patient care that TMS and Medications can synergize. That is to say work together. Often we are able to decrease dosage and sometimes eliminate one or all medications which results in a decrease if not elimination of medication induced side-effects. We believe that this factor of allowing TMS and medication to work together and our unique treatment approach has resulted in excellent patient response and remission rates.

Our Approach to Treating Your Depression

We recognize that depression is often a biological illness, as real as a diabetes or heart disease. We approach your treatment with our unique Bio-Psycho-Social Model. Each of these have an effect on the chemistry of the brain and each contribute to a downward spiral of mood. Which can result in depression.

 Bio (Biology): We understand that the chemistry of the brain is affected by biology. Biology includes genetics, proper nutrition, sunlight, exercise, sleep. 

 Psycho (Psychology): This refers to one's psychological defense mechanisms of the brain. For example, if someone's a worrier or pessimist- this has an effect on your mood- potentially causing depression. 

 Social (Environmental – Your Relationships): Environmental stresses contribute to your brains chemistry. Examples are a tough marriage, tough boss, a traumatic experience or a poor relationship. These stressors may result in lack of sleep which in turn may result in not being at your best. This in a work enviroment could result in dismissal.

Our first role is to normalize your brain's chemical imbalance, so that we can then address some of the underlying reasons for your depression. Studies conclude that antidepressant medication may not work for over one-third of those suffering with depression. For those who do not receive benefit, the next antidepressant has an even lesser chance of working. This is where TMS may help. We have had outstanding results with TMS treatments for those that did not get full releif from many antidepressants. See our Clinical and Safety Results.

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