Full Prescribing and Safety Information

The American Psychiatric Association in 2010 updated their Practice Guidelines to include TMS as a standard of care for the Treatment of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder. It is specifically recommended for patients who are not receiving full benefit from antidepressant treatments.

The illustration below is a depiction of the APA guidelines. It shows that if first line antidepressants have failed to provide relief of depression treatments – TMS should be considered as a non-systemic treatment for depression. Full Prescribing, Safety and Efficacy Information Click Here


American Psychiatric Association (2010) (eds: Gelenberg, AJ, Freeman, MP, Markowitz, JC, Rosenbaum, JF, Thase, ME, Trivedi, MH, Van Rhoads, RS). Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder, 3rd Edition.